Uncompromised Service

The North Restore is a general contracting company that attends to residential, commercial and industrial customers across the Greater Toronto Area. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in construction, renovation, emergency services, and preventative maintenance.

We pride ourselves on meeting expectations, working our hardest to meet the ever-growing demand for quality and reliability. Our founder lives by the code of uncompromised service, and built the foundation for The North Restore so that we can become a trustworthy source for reliable, uncompromised service. 

Our philosophy is to provide work that exceeds expectations. This is our duty, and we never lose sight of it. We know our capabilities, and we will always deliver on a promise. No matter how trying the task may be, our word to deliver will always end up on top.

We continuously evaluate our performance and always seek to go even more above and beyond. After one happy client, we seek to make the next all the more happy, and that is our motivation.

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